April 10, 2020

The Stuttering Paradox

The Stuttering Paradox

"The Stuttering Paradox" is the story of a Nashville musician who saw stuttering as his greatest flaw until a stuttering program turned that on its head.

"The Stuttering Paradox" is the story of a Nashville musician who saw stuttering as his greatest flaw. After trying to "fix" it his entire childhood, he was confronted with the "subway challenge”. By facing his fear JP Ruggieri learned to authentically accept himself just the way he was...and turns out that also dramatically helped his stutter. This story was produced by Cariad Harmon and edited by Jakob Lewis. You can hear JP’s music HERE.

You can find out more about the American Institute for Stuttering here: https://stutteringtreatment.org/

This episode also contains YOUR voices from the Neighbors “Reverse Complaint” Line and a remembrance of legendary Nashville singer-songwriter John Prine.

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