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My New Favorite Pod
I’m in love with this podcast. The voice of the host, the sweetness that comes into my ears during this dark and challenging time on the planet, the stories that get woven and told so professionally and beautifully. Thank you for this gift.

Interview with Michael McRay
Greatly appreciate this episode. Saving and sharing.

Late to the game
I just discovered the Neighbors podcast and Jakobs lovely storytelling during my mindfulness walks in these days of COVID19 shelter in place orders. In a time where connection and neighbors are on our minds, its a necessary deep and enlivening breath!@slcchuftalin

My favorite
I weep every time I listen!!

Perfect podcasts!
I have truly discovered a gem when I found neighbors and have told many to look for it. Each episode is just right. Enjoyable tidbits that you could never know otherwise and lasts through one day’s errands...., about 20 minutes!

I love this podcast. I am inspired and encouraged to be a better neighbor and to be a better human being. Thank you so much for the stories.

Just listened to my first episode - won’t be my last
Loved the Queen of the Kitchen episode - the pacing, the talented “intern” who did such a beautiful and sensitive job with the interview. Thank you.

Long drive to work
I drive about 45 min. To work every day and I just love listening to the interesting true stories on the neighbors podcast! Jakob’s voice and interviews are friendly and interesting and I love that there is usually a twist! Thanks kris

A reminder of the treasures that lie buried next door
I really like this podcast because it tells stories with the concept of community front and center. For me there is one reason we are on this earth and that’s to be a good neighbor. This podcast reminds me of that each time I listen.

Very Engaging
One of my favorite podcasts. It is conversational and easy to listen to.

One of my Faves
This is my favorite type of podcast—human interest, well produced, relatable. I’ve listened to all of them!

In a world in which connection and intimacy is a precious gift, Jacob inspires and incites one toward human connection and story resulting in insightful witticisms with which to tell my old storie

Exceptional podcast. Jakob Lewis knows story, and his podcast searching out the stories of his Nashville neighbors is a welcome respite from the despairing vitriol of our present times. Listening to this podcast is like finally breathing again after being submerge in water for too long. Good on ya, Mr. Lewis.

Just great
Jacob gives us an excellent and often candid look at why everyone is more similar than you might think, and how everyone has a story that often connects us in ways that you don’t realize.

A man doing what he’s made to do
Jakob Lewis may be the most compassionate storyteller I’ve heard. He oozes grace, weaves an interesting and compelling story every time and, all the while, crafts a beautiful audio experience. I hope he gets paid well to do this because I never want him to stop.

Keep up the good work
This show is great love the production love the stories!

This is The Place
It's not the buildings, or even the music that make Nashville what it is-- it's the people. That may sound trite, but spend time with even one episode of Neighbors and you'll hear it for yourself. Jakob gets not just to the fabric of his community, but inside the threads that keep it together. Deeply respectful, but also objective enough to question-- and most importantly-- LISTEN to what people say and who they reveal themselves to be. As far as I'm concerned, this is the template for every community to model when trying to understand ourselves. Only with this kind of seeking and sharing can we truly say "This is The Place" where I live.

Reminder to get to know your neighbors - and get to know yourself. Jakob’s stories are wonderful and always get the introspective juices flowing. Love the production, love the humanity he lends to each person involved in the storytelling. Such a good listen.

A favorite go-to
Neighbors never disappoints. Was there ever a time when we needed more the reminder that everyone has a story we can connect with, no matter how different their experiences have been from our own? Every episode feels compelling and worthwhile. I am really proud that a production of this value comes out of Nashville.

Lovely work. I have appreciated each episode.

Great stories!!
I’ve just started listening to podcasts but this one has me hooked! Great personal stories with the occasional twist.

This podcast is everything I have been looking for. Intimate, well spoken, incredibly interesting dialogs with people in a community.The stories diverse subjects - war, high fives, death ,work, immigration ( to name a few) have you laughing one minute, choking back tears the next. This is what we need more of as a society - communication and connection.

Just what I like in podcasting, relevant, touching, honest storytelling.

Amazing storytelling
This is such a great show! Highly recommended!

Storytelling that inspires
Listen to this podcast, it will move you! Why not meet your neighbors as well, if you haven‘t already.

Excellent Pocast
I live outside Los Angeles but found this Podcast through the NPROne app. I would love to hear similar neighbor stories from around myself and other communities. I started with “Matt Got Shot” (ep 1 obviously). It was fantastic. I never expected the third episode to go the way it did. I thought it would still be about Matt / his recovery. I actually got upset when ep 2 ended and I realized I’d have to wait a whole week before the next segment.

Perfect for our time
I love the very premise of this podcast and the writing and production is great. I particularly loved the 3-part Matt Got Shot.

So happy I found this
This storytelling podcast is expertly crafted. I don't live anywhere near Nashville and I absolutely love listening to Jacob's stories. This is one of my all time favorite storytelling podcasts.

Three please
Heard 1 & 2 on NPR One. Great story. Hope Matt is doing well.

Very close up
Matt Got Shot is fantastic - it's like pulling in to an impact crater.