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My New Favorite Pod

I’m in love with this podcast. The voice of the host, the sweetness that comes into my ears during this dark and challenging time on the planet, the stories that get woven and told so professionally and beautifully. Thank you for this gift.

Interview with Michael McRay

Greatly appreciate this episode. Saving and sharing.

Late to the game

I just discovered the Neighbors podcast and Jakobs lovely storytelling during my mindfulness walks in these days of COVID19 shelter in place orders. In a time where connection and neighbors are on our minds, its a necessary deep and enlivening breath!@slcchuftalin

My favorite

I weep every time I listen!!

Perfect podcasts!

I have truly discovered a gem when I found neighbors and have told many to look for it. Each episode is just right. Enjoyable tidbits that you could never know otherwise and lasts through one day’s errands...., about 20 minutes!


I love this podcast. I am inspired and encouraged to be a better neighbor and to be a better human being. Thank you so much for the stories.

Just listened to my first episode - won’t be my last

Loved the Queen of the Kitchen episode - the pacing, the talented “intern” who did such a beautiful and sensitive job with the interview. Thank you.

Long drive to work

I drive about 45 min. To work every day and I just love listening to the interesting true stories on the neighbors podcast! Jakob’s voice and interviews are friendly and interesting and I love that there is usually a twist! Thanks kris

A reminder of the treasures that lie buried next door

I really like this podcast because it tells stories with the concept of community front and center. For me there is one reason we are on this earth and that’s to be a good neighbor. This podcast reminds me of that each time I listen.

Very Engaging

One of my favorite podcasts. It is conversational and easy to listen to.

One of my Faves

This is my favorite type of podcast—human interest, well produced, relatable. I’ve listened to all of them!


In a world in which connection and intimacy is a precious gift, Jacob inspires and incites one toward human connection and story resulting in insightful witticisms with which to tell my old storie


Exceptional podcast. Jakob Lewis knows story, and his podcast searching out the stories of his Nashville neighbors is a welcome respite from the despairing vitriol of our present times. Listening to this podcast is like finally breathing again after being submerge in water for too long. Good on ya, Mr. Lewis.

Just great

Jacob gives us an excellent and often candid look at why everyone is more similar than you might think, and how everyone has a story that often connects us in ways that you don’t realize.

A man doing what he’s made to do

Jakob Lewis may be the most compassionate storyteller I’ve heard. He oozes grace, weaves an interesting and compelling story every time and, all the while, crafts a beautiful audio experience. I hope he gets paid well to do this because I never want him to stop.

Keep up the good work

This show is great love the production love the stories!

This is The Place

It's not the buildings, or even the music that make Nashville what it is-- it's the people. That may sound trite, but spend time with even one episode of Neighbors and you'll hear it for yourself. Jakob gets not just to the fabric of his community, but inside the threads that keep it together. Deeply respectful, but also objective enough to question-- and most importantly-- LISTEN to what people say and who they reveal themselves to be. As far as I'm concerned, this is the template for every community to model when trying to understand ourselves. Only with this kind of seeking and sharing can we truly say "This is The Place" where I live.


Reminder to get to know your neighbors - and get to know yourself. Jakob’s stories are wonderful and always get the introspective juices flowing. Love the production, love the humanity he lends to each person involved in the storytelling. Such a good listen.

A favorite go-to

Neighbors never disappoints. Was there ever a time when we needed more the reminder that everyone has a story we can connect with, no matter how different their experiences have been from our own? Every episode feels compelling and worthwhile. I am really proud that a production of this value comes out of Nashville.


Lovely work. I have appreciated each episode.

Great stories!!

I’ve just started listening to podcasts but this one has me hooked! Great personal stories with the occasional twist.


This podcast is everything I have been looking for. Intimate, well spoken, incredibly interesting dialogs with people in a community.The stories diverse subjects - war, high fives, death ,work, immigration ( to name a few) have you laughing one minute, choking back tears the next. This is what we need more of as a society - communication and connection.


Just what I like in podcasting, relevant, touching, honest storytelling.

Amazing storytelling

This is such a great show! Highly recommended!

Storytelling that inspires

Listen to this podcast, it will move you! Why not meet your neighbors as well, if you haven‘t already.

Excellent Pocast

I live outside Los Angeles but found this Podcast through the NPROne app. I would love to hear similar neighbor stories from around myself and other communities. I started with “Matt Got Shot” (ep 1 obviously). It was fantastic. I never expected the third episode to go the way it did. I thought it would still be about Matt / his recovery. I actually got upset when ep 2 ended and I realized I’d have to wait a whole week before the next segment.

Perfect for our time

I love the very premise of this podcast and the writing and production is great. I particularly loved the 3-part Matt Got Shot.

So happy I found this

This storytelling podcast is expertly crafted. I don't live anywhere near Nashville and I absolutely love listening to Jacob's stories. This is one of my all time favorite storytelling podcasts.

Three please

Heard 1 & 2 on NPR One. Great story. Hope Matt is doing well.

Very close up

Matt Got Shot is fantastic - it's like pulling in to an impact crater.

Great, nuanced look at healing

The Matt Got Shot series is great. A family member was involved in a knife attack a few years ago, and this series has been really useful to me in understanding the contours of healing from trauma— how different that process can be for different people. Great pacing and respect for the subject matter.

Excellent storytelling

I love this podcast so much. I think the concept is so simple and interesting. I’ve even considered moving to Nashville to to be able to attend events

Excellent first episode!

Insightful, honest, compassionate story telling.


The New Mr. Rogers, Jakob paints pictures with words—which is great for me on my commute. His show brings an uplifting spirit to my day, through his commitment to sharing stories of triumph and humanness. It’s the simple way in which the podcast is delivered that will suit a lot of styles and tastes—but it’s Jakob that makes it special. He really wants to be your neighbor, no matter how far you are.

Matt Got Shot

Just heard this on NPR one, amazing storytelling and production.

incredibly moving; spot on relevant

Just listened to the first episode and was moved enough to write a review, which I don't usually do. So well done, so real, so emotionally striking--I can't wait for the next episode, and will subcribe. I live in the far north, have never been to Nashville, but this powerful storytelling is a window into all communities, and wakes us up.

A New Listener

Stories told with deep empathy

Hi Neighbor!

I was originally drawn to this podcast because of the connection with Nashville — one of my favorite cities to visit and home to an ever-growing circle of friends, but this show ower little to place. It is about community and humanity, and that pertains to us all. So well conceived and executed.

Stories worth sharing

Recently moved from Nashville and this podcast brings me home each day. The serious is well worth the listen and the support.


This show has taught be that honest, gripping and impactful stories are not far away. The episode about the trainer was terrific. Good reporting, and good challenge to listeners.

Thankful for this

Found this thru the NPROne app. What a blessing to have Jakob telling stories of people that live in my city!

One of the best podcasts out there

Neighbors has a great focus and production style. It's one of my favroites that I return to again and again.

Inspirational and Special

Neighbors teaches the Nashville community about getting to know the people around us. I love getting to know the people in Nashville, TN through the podcast. I believe this is a truly special podcast to pay attention to.

Particular stories, universal hope

Jakob and team choose subjects who have stories that remind us of what is good in our world and the unexpected places we find these signs of reassurance in our fragile yet precious world.

Wonderful way to learn more about what’s going on in your community

Nice to hear some uplifting and interesting stories about folks in the community. Lots of stuff you’d never hear about otherwise


I look to Neighbors for a guaranteed dose of positivity in my day. Each uplifting story reminds me that seemingly ordinary individuals are in indeed EXTRAORDINARY. Thanks Jakob for your thoughtful narration and for being a great Neighbor to the folks of Nashville! I feel a call to do the same.


Well told stories about those we may pass by each day. The world is full of real humans, some needing help some helping but all with a story worth hearing.

A thoughtful voice

Neighbors lets the story tell itself, without presuming to moralize or condescendingly pronounce a "lesson." Solid production and continued growth throughout the team. Love it!

Neighbors got me into podcasting.

I got into podcasting because, one day a while back, I stumbled upon and listened to "The Tuba Man" episode of Neighbors. I knew that podcasts existed but had never seriously listened to any. I'm not even from Nashville - I was in college in Pennsylvania at the time - but I somehow came upon this incredible story about a man who plays tuba in a tunnel during rush hour. I was moved by compassionate approach Jakob used to highlight Joe's story. Most people would scoff Joe's playing off as an "other" among us, like the clips he incorporates at the beginning of the episode to highlight the naked people seen on the subway, or the man wearing a suit ten sizes too big - a "well, that's weird" kind of attitude. But, by telling Joe's story in his own words throughout the episode, we get to humanize and understand the Tuba Man, and we are shown the complicated and beautiful human experience we all get to share together. I cry every time I listen to "The Tuba Man" episode. And I'm equally drawn to everything that Jakob releases through Neighbors. Please listen to as many episodes of this as you can, and, as Jakob always says at the end of the episodes, "get to know your neighbors."

All around cowboy

Neighbors gets better and better with each episode. Highbrow/Lowbrow got me thinking about taste and subjectivity and examining my motivations…can’t ask for better than that. Also beautifully edited with excellent music. Two years later, I'm catching up on a few months of episodes. I've come to appreciate the length of episodes--most are at about 20 minutes, which you can listen to while making dinner. A lot of storytelling podcasts require a longer commitment that I can't always make. The time constraint also forces the producers to really stick with the best quotes and the tightest narrative. They create really great scenes, too, which makes it feel immediate. What I like most is that they don't try to bring every episode to a super startling, deep conclusion. Rather, they let the stories be what they are -- tales of everyday people.

A New Favorite

Just listened to a Neighbors episode for the first time. 'The Fighter'. Beautiful. So happy to have found these. Smart, thoughtfully produced. Thoughtfully everything. Thank you!

Great Stories, Great Production

A friend of mine recommended this podcast to me, and I couldn't be more happy with his recommendation. The host is very skilled at picking interesting stories and telling them in a compelling way. My favorite episode thus far is The Oregon Trailblazer. Without giving too much away, it's a very unique story that is woven both with humor and excitement.

Fantastic true life stories

Jacob Lewis takes people's lives and brings their story to life with incredible music, sound effects and finds the heart of American life. While it is based out of Nashville these stories will fascinate and delight everyone.


This is a favorite podcast of ours!

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this podcast. The local stories are intriguing and Jakob's writing style captivates your attention. Stories like this humanize this city we live in and love.

Entertaining, Poignant, & Touching

I listen to a lot of podcasts, a lot. I have a long drive to work and they save my sanity. Listen to this podcast, you will not be disappointed. Try Bringing Wes Home or Honoring Wishes - both excellent. Honestly, I haven't heard one episode I haven't liked. The host is great and the stories are wonderful.


I just finished listening to "every breath is precious" My 28 year old daughter also has CCHS and it was like you were telling our story and you were in our home. Love your soothing voice, too.

Excellent Storytelling. On par with TAL.

Jakob doesn't just tell stories well, he finds really good stories to tell. A good reminder that great stories are all around us.

Love Hearing Stories about my City!

Great work! I have learned several things about my community I would not have known, had it not been for WPLN's work here.

Get to know your neighbors

This podcast is the antithesis, or maybe presents the remedy, of one of the great problems in America of our time: fear of our neighbors. The producer, Mr. Lewis, intentionally goes out to meet the other people in his town, and finds incredible stories along the way! Extremely well produced, well written, enjoyable, and all true. I love this podcast! We would all do well to get to know our neighbors.

Love it

I love this podcast... I first started listening when my fellow therapist, Trey Holt, was featured in the story of Rosa Mary Dean. I didn't anticipate to continue to listen to the other stories, but my found myself intrigued with each one more than the last. Keep sharing the awesome resilience, love and hope our neighbors have!

Extremely entertaining and well-made podcast!

If you like This American Life, you'll love Neighbors! Every episode is an engrossing story about a local Nashvillian. Jacob and team does an excellent job and I'd highly recommend this podcast to anyone!

If I were to make a podcast. . .

This is the one I would want to make. Stories about connections and interactions between humans and each other and the world around us. Such real stuff. Thanks, Jakob.

I love neighbors!

Hope to hear new episodes of this great podcast about people, human nature, their lives and experiences. Really like Jason too. A+++

Important but Fun

What a wonderful podcast. I've been binge-listening since recently having "Neighbors" recommended to me. It's great storytelling that is a nice mixture of covering important topics and enjoyable entertainment. Thanks for making this show!


I really like this podcast. It's a great perspective on community in the amount of time it takes for me to drive to work!

Refreshing Storytelling From Music City

It was a pleasure to discover this show today. I’ve already listened to two episodes. I’m loving this podcast! It’s refreshing to hear these types of stories from Nashville.

Grateful Listener

Jakob is such a gifted storyteller, which comes from his exceptional ability to truly listen. His stories provide fascinating glimpses into the lives of our neighbors, who we otherwise wouldn’t have the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for sharing these gems with us!

Top Tier Storytelling and Audio

I just wish they were longer. From the very first episode, this podcast felt like that friend that you are always excited to see. One of those super interesting people who always has a new story to tell, and who tells it in such a way that ooh! wow, where did that hour go? and when you walk away you smile all the way back to your car, and in bed that night you wonder why your cheeks hurt. On a technical note, I think the mark of a well-produced podcast is that you never once think about how it sounds, and Jakob makes a well-produced podcast.

I don't even live anywhere NEAR Nashville

Great podcast, it makes me want to hold story night in my backyard! (Originally from Seattle, currently living outside of San Francisco.) I love storytelling and listening to others' tales, so this is right up my alley. The food reviews are great too, because when it's not peaking my interest to visit Nashville, it's reminding me to stay present and revel in my food (instead of Hoovering it down like I did in college). Makes me happy just to listen to this warm and welcoming community. :)

Where are our 2016 episodes?!

I don’t like taking time to write reviews but I’ve been feeling guilty about this one because it is just SO good and, clearly, not enough people know about it. Where are our 2016 episodes?! Please tell me that they’re coming…does NPR need to invest 10 sec of their time to get you some on air ads?! It is ridiculous that only 60 people have reviewed this show! First of all the concept is timely. At the end of each show Jakob reminds us all to “Get to know your neighbors”. In a time when most of us maintain relationships electronically it's important to take the time to build relationships with those few people we actually do have face time with on a regular basis—our neighbors. Second, I appreciate the gentle, underplayed manner of Jakob’s style. This podcast never hurts my ears and I don’t ever feel like I’m being hit over the head with a message. Rather, he takes me on his adventure and I make up my own mind. Finally, the content is fantastic. Many of the interviewees are from his local area and I find myself wondering how he finds such interesting people. Of course, the answer is..Jakob finds great guests to interview by getting to know his neighbors! Don’t miss this podcast! Join me in asking for more episodes!!!

Fascinating Storyteller

Jakob is a fascinating storyteller who is creating great content and doing some awesome work with high quality sound engineering. If you like podcasts like This American Life, this is right up your alley.

Story podcasts about “real” people

These stories are all about and often told by neighbors … the guy who lives next door, the person down the street, all people around Nashville. The stories are all true and they seem like people you might know. An exceptional podcast and worth checking out.

Binge Listening Now

Hey Jakob, nice job on the show. I love hearing about Nashville (being from NYC) and all the interesting and remarkable people you find. Excellent placement of music, too. Keep up the great work. You deserve all good things.

cool idea

Cool idea for a podcast. Love the “local” angle but also that it’s interesting to people anywhere. Good stories or interesting people. Worth a listen!

One of the best podcasts period!

Jakob is a fantastic story teller. He is also a curator of fantastic stories. Listen to "The High Five" and you will see what I mean. I feel lighter after listening to Neighbors. This podcast will make your day if your day needs making. Thanks Jakob for making podcasting and art form at the expense of improving people's lives :-) Cheers! Lij Shaw Recording Studio Rockstars

Awesome podcast

Good listen- reminds me of this American life, but it's just one story.

Great Stories About People in Various Walks of Life

A friend turned me onto Neighbors, and I now always look forward to whenever a little (1) appears next to the icon in my podcast app. The stories are told with real empathy, and the tellers don't shy away from tough subjects such as funerals and homelessness. Some of my favorite episodes are definitely in the Sans Houses series, which tells the stories of homeless individuals in a very honest and humanizing way. Neighbors bridges the gap that can sometimes seem a fathomless divide, shaking a sense of complacency and of security, though with the effect of filling hearts with more caring rather than more fear.

Real Life

Jakob Lewis is a master treasure hunter for great stories!!! Listen to this podcast, you will laugh and cry and much more!!!

Wonderful in so many ways

Expertly crafted stories. Poignant, honest and beautiful. I just discovered you through Jonathan Hirsch's ARRVLS and I'm SO hooked.

One of my favorites

I love this podcast. Jakob’s style of story telling is engaging and fun, and the stories themselves are always interesting, regardless of the topic.

This is the real thing

Neighbors does a beautiful job of taking me by the hand and introducing me to people I wish I knew. Doesn't shy away from the hard stuff, and yet leaves me feeling hopeful and wanting to hear more. Incredibly well-produced, intelligent, thoughtful.

Real People

Somebody once told me that the real message of the movie Groundhog Day is that if you could stop time and get to know every person in your daily life, all the extras, you couldn’t help but care about, or at least sympathize with, every single one of them. This podcast feels like one man’s mission to do exactly that. Each episode is a story, but the people are the focus, and the host clearly cares about more than just getting those people's stories. He cares about about getting to know them and making them real and vibrant, as people, for the listener. And it’s amazing,

Excellent, personal podcast

Neighbors is a great podcast for thinking about people around you. It’s an excellent dose of empathy, and Jakob does a great job putting the stories together. He has a great mission, and is doing it very well.

Great find

Rivals the storytelling and production of some of NPRs top story shows. I highly recommend it.

Great Stories!

I love this podcast. Sometimes I listen in bed before I fall asleep, sometimes during my lunch break. Always good stories that really make you feel like your right there with the people telling them.

The ultimate glocal - feeling connected from miles away

Based in Nashville, Neighbors introduces listeners to people across the fence and lets you feel like you really had a conversation with them. Insightful story-weaving, great music, and interesting topics.

I LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! Neighbors!

So- remember This American Life back in it’s hay-day when it was young and refreshing and new and vibrant and cool and hip and all about the people you knew??? That’s what Neighbors is. It’s an amazing audio sonic journey where every episode takes you to a different corner of nash-vegas (sometimes beyond!) where I feel like I know and end up falling in love with these people— all because of Jakob! :)

We Need More Neighbors

We need more neighbors, precisely because they are everywhere. They are part of the fabric of our lives, and Jakob Lewis's new program explores with heart, intelligence, and intricate craft how next door hits home. This is an incredible show with a very bright future. I recommend that everyone listen, and get to know their neighbors a little more.

Great new podcast

Just listened to the latest episode - The Pace of Wonder. I love the feel of this podcast - the writing, host narration, and music are used to great effect. Looking forward to hearing more!

Amazing podcast

These stories and musings are genuine and intriguing, and Jacob does a great job tying it all together, with excellent transitions and backdrops

Great idea, excellent show

It’s my new find, and I’m loving the stories, pace, production and themes of Neighbors. I’ve already binged on the available eps and am looking forward to more!

Very cool

I heard our host on another great podcast Good Beer Hunting and decided to give it a listen. Glad I did! Great storytelling and totally relatable. Whether you're from Nashville or like me, Chicago, it's a great listen.

Love Learning About my Neighbors

Well it isn't about my literal neighbors but I love it just the same. Great stories about everyday people doing unusual things: Running ultra marathons, accidentally blowing-up a gas station, making a casket for a dead family member & more...

I can see the stories in my head...

Jakob’s story craft is so vivid and raw that even while I’m in the middle of some other task, I am able to follow Jakob through whatever story he happens to be chasing in a given episode. This month, I was in a pacer alongside a 100-mile marathon runner in the chilly, rainy dark of Ohio. I was there in the McDonald’s drive-thru as Jakob mistakenly rolled down a friend’s window way too far. I was hooked all the way through. Get to know your Neighbors! This podcast is here to stay.

Some Nashville Love, From Birmingham.

I really enjoy this podcast. It’s very well produced, and even in so few episodes, the subjects discussed are quite diverse. I look forward to future episodes. Great job, Jakob!

A feel-good podcast

In this podcast Jakob Lewis captures an essence of profound exploration and does it with a homey simplicity. Through storytelling, Neighbors encourages its listeners to recognize the humanity in everyone around us.

Getting in on the ground floor

Very excited about this new podcast. The sound is great, the stories are interesting, and the future looks bright.

An exciting beginning

The inaugural episode of Neighbors has me very excited for what is to come. Jakob's production and ear for a good story make a welcome addition to the story-telling podcast genre. I'm looking forward to more!