Neighbors got me into podcasting.

I got into podcasting because, one day a while back, I stumbled upon and listened to "The Tuba Man" episode of Neighbors. I knew that podcasts existed but had never seriously listened to any. I'm not even from Nashville - I was in college in Pennsylvania at the time - but I somehow came upon this incredible story about a man who plays tuba in a tunnel during rush hour. I was moved by compassionate approach Jakob used to highlight Joe's story. Most people would scoff Joe's playing off as an "other" among us, like the clips he incorporates at the beginning of the episode to highlight the naked people seen on the subway, or the man wearing a suit ten sizes too big - a "well, that's weird" kind of attitude. But, by telling Joe's story in his own words throughout the episode, we get to humanize and understand the Tuba Man, and we are shown the complicated and beautiful human experience we all get to share together.

I cry every time I listen to "The Tuba Man" episode. And I'm equally drawn to everything that Jakob releases through Neighbors. Please listen to as many episodes of this as you can, and, as Jakob always says at the end of the episodes, "get to know your neighbors."

Aug. 23, 2017 by Brady Hummel on Apple Podcasts