All around cowboy

Neighbors gets better and better with each episode. Highbrow/Lowbrow got me thinking about taste and subjectivity and examining my motivations…can’t ask for better than that. Also beautifully edited with excellent music.

Two years later, I'm catching up on a few months of episodes. I've come to appreciate the length of episodes--most are at about 20 minutes, which you can listen to while making dinner. A lot of storytelling podcasts require a longer commitment that I can't always make. The time constraint also forces the producers to really stick with the best quotes and the tightest narrative. They create really great scenes, too, which makes it feel immediate. What I like most is that they don't try to bring every episode to a super startling, deep conclusion. Rather, they let the stories be what they are -- tales of everyday people.

Aug. 9, 2017 by OKMarmoset on Apple Podcasts