Where are our 2016 episodes?!

I don’t like taking time to write reviews but I’ve been feeling guilty about this one because it is just SO good and, clearly, not enough people know about it.
Where are our 2016 episodes?! Please tell me that they’re coming…does NPR need to invest 10 sec of their time to get you some on air ads?! It is ridiculous that only 60 people have reviewed this show!
First of all the concept is timely. At the end of each show Jakob reminds us all to “Get to know your neighbors”. In a time when most of us maintain relationships electronically it's important to take the time to build relationships with those few people we actually do have face time with on a regular basis—our neighbors.
Second, I appreciate the gentle, underplayed manner of Jakob’s style. This podcast never hurts my ears and I don’t ever feel like I’m being hit over the head with a message. Rather, he takes me on his adventure and I make up my own mind.
Finally, the content is fantastic. Many of the interviewees are from his local area and I find myself wondering how he finds such interesting people. Of course, the answer is..Jakob finds great guests to interview by getting to know his neighbors!
Don’t miss this podcast! Join me in asking for more episodes!!!

Feb. 14, 2016 by St Paul Susan on Apple Podcasts